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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance in the Belle River can be shockingly expensive for newer cars. Owners unwillingly accept the high pricing because they don’t know about any other options. Joe’s Car & Truck Service Ltd. offers scheduled maintenance in Belle River for a more convenient price while keeping the high-quality of our services. We prefer long-term partnerships to one-time customers. For that reason, we designed an affordable car scheduled maintenance for all customers in Belle River.

Most manufacturers suggest their maintenance schedule. The most frequent schedule is 30-60-90; meaning that inspections, repairs and/or replacements of certain parts should take place at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. However, there is no insurance that your car will function perfectly before those checkpoints. At Joe’s Car & Truck Service Ltd. we offer periodical maintenance that will ensure your vehicle performs impeccably at all times.

Why Us

Mechanics at Joe’s Car & Truck Service Ltd. will revise, repair, change and replace every part of your vehicle. Thus, you won’t need to worry about your car stopping in the middle of the road or not performing well. As your reliable auto shop in Belle River, Joe’s Car & Truck Service will make sure your vehicle is well-maintained all year round.

Preventative maintenance resolves all the potential and existing issues of the vehicle. Whether you are a car owner or truck owner, you need scheduled maintenance to keep your vehicle running safely. Oil change, filter change, tire rotation, alignment and balancing, brake fluids, antifreeze, and steering fluid changes – are only some components included in our scheduled maintenance.

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